AppleHead Toys

Artist: Lacye Brown

Where the weird, kooky & strange are OK!

I create art based around what many view as the “kooky”, “weird” or “strange.” Personally, I do not view much art as “strange.” I embrace whenever a piece of art evokes something from you. That’s the purpose. After that feeling has been evoked, I always implore others to explore this feeling. Usually dismissing the feelings, allows others to go about their normal day. I want you to stop and think outside of the norm, box, routines. Question why it made you feel this way and how it’s okay to feel how you felt.

Obviously, I don’t view the world the same way as the masses. I want you to articulate what I see and share with you the beauty, mystery and wonders of my perspective. Enjoy.



My current item available for sale are located on my website & at physical stores listed below:

The Odd’s End

2774 E College Ave

Decatur, GA 30030

Thank you.